Refund policy

Abundance call refund in specific circumstances and refunds take 7 business days to process. Many calls are not refunded under change of mind.

The client is responsible to gain value from the calls and putting into practice and use the coaching received. Please also see the terms of service

Calls that are terminated

Under the terms of service calls terminated by the coach that abide by our terms will not be refunded and fee is kept as breach of the terms. If the call is ended because of signal failure on the coaches side and the call is not able to continue the fee is transferred to the next call the client has scheduled and is only refunded if there is no call planned.

Where a call is ended by the client ahead of time because the value of the call is complete or the coach offers to finish the call early there is no refund for any part of the call as the call is considered whole and complete and is to allow the client to get into action. Therefore the value of the call is not affected by its duration.

Where the client ends the call for any reasons concerning value of the call there is no refund provided. Please see the terms of service. Where the value of the call is in the actions taken between calls the opinion that there is value or not can not be measured. So in this case the call is treated as change of mind. Change of mind purchases do not legally require a refund. The call being ended early by the client unless discussed and agreed by the coach will not be refunded.

In an emergency where the client needs to end the call for their safety or to render immediate or soon to be aide. Then the client can request the fee for the call to be transferred if the call was already under the duration of (30) thirty minutes.

Goal achieved and program complete.

If the client has paid for many calls in advance because the goal of the service/calls /coaching is now achieved then the next call is for celebration and completing with the coach. This call is part of the process the expected fee for this is not refunde. Calls paid for beyond this are to be refunded.

Fee free calls

There are no refunds given for calls where no payment was made.

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