So what does all this cost you, right?

Costs and options

Our first call with you is free to see what you want and set up what we need for you first paying call. On that call you can choose if you want us to work with you and after the call you would pay us ahead for your next call.

The base rate is $150 per hour call, this also gives us a chance to go over that hour is we need to without changing by the minute. But please be aware we run the calls to be in the hour.

So people who can’t afford our services, non profit startups, small business start ups and the unemployed we can offer free coaching at times when we are not busy. However these are limited in both number and timespan. We are confident to have you employed or profitable to afford us by that point and will include it in your planning.

Changes to the base rate are common for happy customers especially business clients. This is alway agreed ahead of time and is often factored into the plan for your financial success. Some customers give us bonuses when they go well beyond what is planned. This is because they know that our success is based on yours.

Payment plans

We can also setup accessing our services by getting a line of credit to pay for a number or calls and pay it off over time. When you contact us let us know if this is an option you want.

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