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Thank you so much Gerard for being such a wonderful coach. You’re the most amazing person and I deeply value the time you dedicate to me to help me and encourage me to progress every week. You really inspire me and motivate me to believe in what I can achieve in life. Every week I learn something valuable from you, to applying to my life and business.
Maria Rosa Casanova

With Gerard’s coaching and support, I was able to move from doing paid work I didn’t enjoy, to finally becoming responsible for my career and my life, having ownership of my time, and generating viable income streams doing what I love.

There was a fork in the road and, as I left that old path, I slid into alignment with my innate art and healing gifts and talents. With Gerard’s guidance I created a public profile which led to me being seen for who I am, and opened up new exciting professional opportunities that were like dreams come true. I had to pinch myself!

When Gerard asked me the crucial question, “What do you really want?”, I knew I was now ready for one of the biggest transformations of my life. I couldn’t expand any further in my current situation.  It was time to let go and create the future I wanted, and had always wanted. Gerard helped me visualise the steps of a plan which has been unfolding like magic. I am exactly where I want to be in a new part of the country, creating a new community. I am conscious of myself still transforming as I become who I need to be to create the next level of my work in my gorgeous tropical paradise.

Thank you Gerard. You helped me create all this. You have made a huge impact on my life.

Leah Robinson
23/01/ 2023

Gerard and I did a bit of a collab for one of his branding webinar sessions, his energy is infectious- and he brings a wealth of experience and actionable advice to the group sessions here and beyond. I cant recommend Gerard highly enough – if you get the opportunity to join one of his events do – you won’t regret it.

Lisa Hastings – Global Creative Director

Learning with Gerard, via Zoom, has been extremely informative and very enjoyable. I enrolled in all eight of his Social Media Plan Webinars and I have currently attended one a week over the last five weeks. Gerard has provided more support than I expected. I was expecting the webinars to be based on different social media platforms and how best to utilise them for business purposes and although many have been referred to, I’m so glad that he has been so detailed and the focus has been Facebook, which is my main platform for advertising my small business, Curriculum CUBS (Limitless Lifelong Learning for students from Preschool to Year 12). Instagram has been a secondary focus and I’m also fairly new to it so it’s been great learning the insights through Gerard’s advice. He has guided me to the “behind the scenes” of social media. The information pinpointed by Gerard has brought out the amazing features and tools of both these platforms. He has shown me where to find and how to interpret relevant information, including statistics such as the “reach” of my posts and of my new business in general. His expertise is what will help me to promote and excel in my mobile educational service. Gerard is easy to talk with and has a humorous way at answering questions. He includes everyone and their unique businesses/needs, provides real client business examples in his coaching and encourages all clients to share with each other. I’m looking forward to further learning in entertaining sessions over the last three Zoom webinars. I definitely recommend working with Gerard if you require assistance with social media, business on social media, business in general and even life coaching in whichever area he can offer to support you. A huge thanks, Gerard!
Jessica Incampo, Curriculum CUBS

I went from not being able to get a date, to having people pursue ME for a relationship, thanks to working with Abundance Calls. I discovered what I was looking for AND how to find that special someone. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to go from what I was getting, to what I really wanted. I highly recommend giving Abundance Calls a go.
MJ, Sydney

Choosing Gerard as a life coach resulted in many great benefits. Specifically, better self awareness and immediate desire to commit and execute key life goals. Gerard excels at providing ongoing strategic support as well as guidance on how to be and do your best. Overall, Gerard has exceeded my expectations consistently by having an assiduous work ethic and high emotional intelligence to understand my needs and challenges in life and in business.
Harry, Neutrol Bay

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