Dream job vs Pays the bills.

Many of us flirt with idea of a new job. We hope for better conditions or better pay. At the end of the day there’s bills to pay. What if I don’t like my new team or new boss and there’s benefits to staying put like long service leave. Not to mention the relationship you may have cultivated with customers and other staff.

Some people know what they wanted to become before they finished high school. They had a plan choose the courses and extracurricular activities to get them towards their university that ultimately lead to the career path they are on today. They are the rule they are the exception.

So we end up hopefully doing something that once interest us enough to start with then got caught in for adding up experience and now what else am I qualified for?

So dream job? Dream on! Well no there’s time left still. Most of us aren’t aware of transferable skills and don’t know that we thrive when we love what we do and funny enough people end up paying you for it.

You have to give up all you know about how it’s going to go. It gives room to start exploring. If I could do anything what would I like to do? What do you enjoy doing. Even things that seem stupid are worth writing down on the list. Remember there is someone employed to test and rate water slides at theme parks and alpa testers of video games.

Only after you captured everything down on your list can you cull. The first question to filter with is : if I did this every day for the rest of my life, would I be happy? Are the skills I need to do this job transferable from what I’ve already done or do I need training to be able to do it?

A powerful way to choose is to imaging 7 years in the future. Imagine the perfect world or if you could wave a magic wand and have it look any way you want. What would it look like? What is your dream job and how did you get there.

From here what needs to happen to get you to fulfill the dream? Is there courses for the skills you need? Do you want to do that online, part time or full time. If you need more experience is there a volunteer role that would help or part time intern position. Also what is the best company or business in that industry? Does their company culture suit you? Are they really a match for you?

You can design your resume specifically for that business or company. Apply as if they are the only option you’d choose. If no one is filling a gap could you even run your own business?

With a plan you could get what you need design a dream job, find it and be happier in what you do. If you want help we can work with you. We can with your input design your dream job and blueprint the plan and coach you to it.

So what is life coaching?

What is life coaching and why would I want to get it?

Life coaching

Life coaching is a broad term to cover a range of work. Life coaches themselves differ greatly in background as there are courses but no set body that governs or certifies life coaches.

However what is common is we all work with you to create a plan of where you wanna go in life. In all aspects of your life : business/career, family/relationship/friends, health/fitness, spirituality/faith, achieving long and short term goals.

Often we had different modalities that we add. My two that I operate in is Abundance and the return to nature as the source of inspiration on how to achieve life goals with ease and enjoyment. Secondly from the study of ontology the study of being. Where action is recognised as coming from being and now is often back by neuroscience that studies behaviours that support or degrade your mindset.

If you would like to know more please book a call with me as an exploration call to see what you want and what I have that will help.

Creating Abundance

Get the overflow rather than lack something.

Abundance is more than you need, in constant supply and at all time easily accessible.

So why are some areas of life abundant and others feel like there’s a real lack. Often time, money, love, resources, people and energy can be abundant for some people and not for you?

First choose one area in your life where you want abundance. (Warning this area needs to be one that if you had e

Now in the area you choose. Write down why it’s not abundant? What do you say to your self about this? What do you tell others about this? What do you think about it and what do you know about it. Keep going till everything reasons explainations and even excuses on your list.

If you got it all down this will give you the best access to abundance. See the area is already abundant. If that’s the case why isn’t it? Well look at everything your wrote down. That’s the only reason. Everything you listed has created the limits. But incase you’re not convinced here’s a few helpful hints and tips.

Abundance of time

There are only 24 hours in a day however the sheer volume of time that has passed by before you were born, before people, before history and record. We actually can fathom it. If you times your life time by a billion you’re not really close and then that’s the past. There’s more to come!

Wait how can I have some time to do the thing I want? Easy look at what you worry and complain about. How much of your time is taken up with this look at your list if this is the area you have chosen. How much time is doing the action verses the time you think and plan and complain and argue and fret and be frustrated? Usually allot more wasted time than useful. So notice all that when it starts and stop. Save that time it’s not useful used as in the history of Humanity being worried has never yet produced a result other than time passing and not being happy with it. Try being without worry for a week and become a warrior not a worrier.

Abundance of money or wealth.

How much is money really worth? Besides the little cost for making it the number pressed or printed on it. It’s actually valueless, we agree that the number is the value and that can buy a little or a lot of a product or service. The value changes based on what you’re will to give up or exchange for it. So if there’s something you aren’t willing to sell then there’s no amount of money that would change your mind. It shows how little money is worth.

However notice how valuable it is to you. What do exchange your money for? What’s on your list for why you don’t have it? if you have more going out than in. What are the action you have taken or will take verses what you think about it and the worrying and stress where no action is taken? Have you gotten advice or just sit in your head about it? Do you say no to friends, family offering it? Are you saying no to help? Look at what you say about that as it’s your prison you built. Lucky you’re the gaoller.

Motivation (Why?)


I’m sitting at my desk, planning my social media posts for 2021. I’m copy and pasting Hashtags I hope will bring me the types of clients I want. So I’m noticing how often the word motivation comes up and in Life coaching is very common to hear it. However I am sitting here deleting the word. Why’s that?

Well I’m all for inspiration which is the breath of life breathed into you. Motivation is defined as “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way” or “Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. It is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge. Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior”(www.verywellmind.com)

So when it comes to motivation and me, I feel its a reason not to procrastinate. That doesn’t sit with me well. I don’t like doing my book keeping but I have a business. I don’t like to clean, wash up or take out the trash but I don’t live alone and others visit me. So you could say that there are things that motivate me to do the things I dislike.

To go from procrastinating to action for me has taken two things: a plan and a reminder. What I want is the inspiration to cause the plan so that when I need to take action the motivation is natural. If sitting on the lounge watching TV is what I’m doing then that is what i have planned or its me with no plan. Nothing is in between, I don’t see the need to be motivated from inactivity or rest to doing the thing i want to be doing to fulfil my Dreams/Plan/Goals.

Motivational quotes affirmations are important and i am not here to belittle the people who use them. They are simply not my clients, because my clients see a vision of what they want in the future and a way to get to that practically. My clients plan resting, eating and socialising into their business minded lives because they want it all.

Success for me after all is: Knowing where you are now, Koning where you want to be and taking action to get there. I will still dislike doing my book keeping but it’s what I’m doing at a set time and place in my schedule and my life.

A little about me.

Hi I’m Gerard a coach here at Abundance Call. For those of you who don’t know me I want to give you a bit of background about who I am and where I got to, to be able to coach and get the results I do.

I grew up in Riverstone in north western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I went to Bede Polding College in South Windsor, studied at Tafe in IT, web design, user documentation. I have been in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme ( an Australian program to helping people create their own business) three times and have a certificate IV in Small business management.

I have participated, assisted and coach in many capacities through Landmark Worldwide. I have participated and coached through eQ events. This is the main source of my passion for having people fulfilling their dreams and living in the experience of successfulness.

I’ve been coaching for over a decade now and what has changed for me is becoming a resourcer. What that means is I actively look for and keep up to date with business tools, programs and business that offer services. I do this also for non business side but most options for business are rapidly changing.

I decided to coach when I asked myself what is my purpose. I would say I’m someone who likes to work with people on having their dreams come true.

I’m clean a clear plan and development of habits that support it are the key to getting where you want to be.

Abundance coaching and the name of the business came out of calls I did to help people in a course where they create a project over 3 months. The common problem was they just didn’t have enough of something funds, resources, people to help and just sometimes the energy to get it done.

So the call was designed to get them out of this lack mindset and see naturally the abundance. These calls were so effective that people who were on Centrelink found the money to travel and accommodation. Many people who were too busy, became very productive and their time freed up. Call after call they got amazing results.

It wasn’t until a friend called and we talked about his loss of satisfaction and loss of direction. That I brought life coaching years of personal development and abundance together. The result of that even today he hasn’t been stopped by the corona virus and still heading to his plan.