So what is life coaching?

What is life coaching and why would I want to get it?

Life coaching

Life coaching is a broad term to cover a range of work. Life coaches themselves differ greatly in background as there are courses but no set body that governs or certifies life coaches.

However what is common is we all work with you to create a plan of where you wanna go in life. In all aspects of your life : business/career, family/relationship/friends, health/fitness, spirituality/faith, achieving long and short term goals.

Often we had different modalities that we add. My two that I operate in is Abundance and the return to nature as the source of inspiration on how to achieve life goals with ease and enjoyment. Secondly from the study of ontology the study of being. Where action is recognised as coming from being and now is often back by neuroscience that studies behaviours that support or degrade your mindset.

If you would like to know more please book a call with me as an exploration call to see what you want and what I have that will help.

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